Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chi Chi London - My New Obsession

Based in the UK
Designers of one of the "Most Loved" dresses in general AND the wedding dress of choice on ModCloth, Chi Chi London is the greatest brand that you have never heard of.

I discovered this brand first by seeing a link on /r/weddingplanning and I followed it to another website called ASOS.  Now I am absolutely in LOVE with these dresses. These would all make fantastic wedding dresses, doesn't even matter which color you get. Just imagine how gorgeous a Halloween courthouse wedding would be if you were wearing Lottie with a little birdcage or elbow veil! And you could (and probably would) wear these dresses again.

ModCloth carries the Gilded Grace dress that we know and love, so if you are wondering how it looks on various body types, you will find a ton of pictures there. (And FYI, it looks absolutely fabulous on everyone!) Chi Chi London actually has that style of dress available in 4 colors.





Now those are all adorable 3/4 sleeve dresses, but not all of us want to wear a dress with sleeves quite that long. Well, You're in luck! They also have 7 dresses available with short sleeves! Yay!





Now if you're looking for something a bit longer, they do have 3 ankle length dresses available as well.


Guess what? They also have SKIRTS!

Now keep in mind that this is only part of what they have at Chi Chi London, but I think that these collections are also the most "formal". The design and colors of these dresses allow you to wear them to all kinds of functions dresses up or down, and the best part (yes, there is something even better) is that all of these designs are under $140. SAY WHAT?!?!? That's right. The long gowns start at $131.18, the 3/4 sleeve dresses are $119.98, short sleeved are $107.18, and the skirts are $71.98. I mean, how amazing is that? They even offer various discounts, including 15% off  for students.

Go check it out! What was your favorite dress from the ones listed? Is there one you like better on the website? I am head over heels for the fabulous Tiana. LOVE.

Websites to check out Chi Chi London:
ModCloth - You can use Ebates here, free shipping on orders $50+
ASOS - also on Ebates and will ship for free!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Shoes - Have Heart

Show your feet some LOVE with todays collection of heart inspired shoes. I always check out ModCloth to find anything vintage inspired, unique, offbeat, and most of all fun! If you have your eye on a pair of shoes, you can try to wait for a sale or a coupon to come around, but I would check on them daily if the numbers are getting low. I managed to snag the last pair of size 10 heels in one of my purchases, and they haven't restocked since!

All's Swell that Ends Well

Lemonade Stand Tall Heel in Lavender

When in Gnome

Heart Not to Miss

It Tykes Two

A New Flame

 Walk it Haute
Walk it Haute 

Shoe Better Believe It!

I Am Who I Glam

Betsey Johnson Heart to Trot

Party All the Timeless
Love Song and Dance

Send Them Swooning

Luxe Who's Here

Step to the Rhythm

Career Appreciation Black Velvet

Sincerely Irresistible Peach
Follow Your Art
Soiree It Again
Front Bow Seat
Outer Bank on It
Trend All, Be All
'S Marvelous
Patent Office
Boogie Downtown
 It's a Date!

Festive Footstep