Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Product Review: Sobe Organics Blonde Extensions

Disclaimer: If possible, I recommend always visiting a salon or a store that sells extensions to match colors. Things might not work as well as they did in this instance, so unless you are 110% willing to dye your hair to match, please to not impulse shop.

So being "blessed" with incredibly thick hair, I have never thought much about hair extensions. On the other hand, one of my friends has longed for thick flowing locks for a long time. As a gift to her I had her find a set of inexpensive extensions on Amazon with Prime shipping so that they would arrive at my home before her next visit. She picked these extensions based on the image below, but they actually came a more ash blond color without the "chunky" effects of the highlights and lowlights that are shown in the picture. The hair was also stick straight, again unlike the picture below. She was planning on touching up/lightening her hair before her wedding anyways, so the slight color difference will not be a problem.

18" 7 Pc 8/12/613 Blond highlights "Luxurious and Thick" Straight or Wavy! Clip On Extensions

I helped to put these in, but it is so easy that you could put them in on your own with or without a mirror. There were enough clips to put in 4 layers, and they lined up beautifully. These are also able to stand temps up to 400° F, so you can curl or straighten them. We plan on testing these with Curlformers (generic),  but that's another post for another day.

Before: thinner wispy hair that goes just past the shoulder.
After: fuller locks that are "mermaid" length.

Now if you look closely you can tell where her real hair ends and where the extensions continue, and part of that is because of the color difference and the fact that her hair has a slight wave to it. This is also an easy fix if you have a hair straightener.



About half of the thickness here is the extensions.

Overall for the $15 price tag these extensions were worth it. The plan as of now is to wear them for the wedding, and she is very pleased with the new length and thickness that she will have to work with.

Have any products (not brands) that you're curious about? Email me and we'll see if we can work something out! I would love to do more reviews of budget products in the future.

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