Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Shoes: Lovely Lace

A classic touch for your wedding could be getting lace shoes. They are timeless, elegant, and EVERYWHERE! And now they are available in almost every color of the rainbow, so you could match them to your wedding color scheme!

Let me know which pair is your favorite in the comments!

Mal E Bow - Black
Mal E Bow - Blue
Mal E Bow - Red
Mal E Bow - Purple
Mal E Bow - Navy
Mal E Bow - Blush
Dazzle Razzle - Purple
Dazzle Razzle - Black
Dazzle's 2nd Razzle - White
Dazzle's 2nd Razzle - Black
Dazzle's 2nd Razzle - Blue
Abigail's Party - Black
Abigail's Party - Purple
Abigail's Party - Blue
Abigail's Party - Pink
Abigail's Party - White

A Lovely Change of Lace

Gander at Glamour

Numerous Occasions

Soft Steps
I'm Sew Excited
From Studio to Supper
Off Screen Darling
Counting Fireflies
Marina Ballerina
Twee and Easy
Reverie Step You Take

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