Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Shoes - Bootie Call

Booties are great if you feel the need for a more structured shoe/heel, or if you are having a fall or winter wedding and want a little more warmth without wearing winter boots. There are shoes that resemble pieces from the past, and some that take a more modern approach with lots of straps and studs or zippers. There is sure to be something for everyone.

Betseys Buttons
Betseys Buttons

Betseys Buttons
Abigails Party

Toodle Pip
Abigails Party

Studded Zip Up Motorcycle Jacket
Peep Toe Lace Up O'Day

Champagne Pattern Gravity Wedges
Two Tone Pleated Ankle Booties

Purple Slouchy Ankle Booties
Perforated Lace Up Booties

Stitched Booties
Patent Gangster Booties

Steampunk Bee Gear Booties
Fete-Laced Bootie

Braid Upgrade

Lace Against Time
Powerful Protagonist

Impatient Wedge
From the Same Cloth

A Lovely Change of Lace
Dune for the Day

Let’s Get Strolling
Walk and Learn

Party All the Timeless

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