Thursday, May 28, 2015

Katie's Top Ten Geeky Love Songs

There has been many a day when I’ve scrolled through my iTunes library and thought “oh, that’d be a fun song to play at my wedding!” or “If my future spouse doesn’t consent to this being played at our wedding, it’s over.” 

Music is a key part to our lives and a key part to our identities. Finding the right music to play at your wedding is CRUCIAL because it highlights who you are, who your spouse is, and how to the two of you interact together. But what if you want more than just pop songs? What if you could have songs that reflect your innermost feelings, including the geeky and awkward ones? Look no further! This list will start you on your journey through the wonderful world of geek music!

  1. Love You Like A Burrito by The Doubleclicks:
Audrey and Angela Webber have written what may possibly be considered the sweetest love ballad about vaguely Spanish foodstuffs. Coined by Audrey as a love song she wrote for her boyfriend “while she was hungry”, the Doubleclicks remind us that love should be just as enjoyable as our favorite space age food pods from Chipotle. These lovely ladies are super inspiring to me and are just absolute sweethearts in person. Check out their website HERE and some of their other music at Best Buy.

  1. I’m Your Moon by Jonathan Coulton:
 Computer programmer-turned musician Jonathan Coulton has written quite a few love songs (and heartbreak songs) with a geeky twist. This one touches my heart specifically because I’m an astronomy geek and a very insecure lady. After getting laid off (from an astronomy related job, no less) this song reminded me that I’m still a good person even though I don’t have “pretty rings.” I had always pictured this song being played at my wedding and now I am sure of it. Thanks JoCo! Check out his website HERE and you can get his CD's at Best Buy. I'm Your Moon is available on Thing A Week Four and JoCo Looks Back.

  1. Honeydukes by Kirstyn Hippe (performed by Mary Kate Wiles and Joey Richter):
The Wrock song was written for the short film “I Ship It”, which in the context of the film, gives it an “Anna/Hans – Love Is An Open Door” kind of vibe. Out of context, however, the song is so sweet, you’ll need to visit the dentist because of all the cavities it gave you. Both Wiles and Richter’s performances are fantastic and you’ll be humming the song to yourself as you take of sip of your butterbeer. The full film, directed by Yulin Kuang, can be found HERE.

  1. Under Your Spell from “Once More With Feeling”, Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
This may be from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it isn’t just for Whedonites. Pulled from the musical episode “Once More With Feeling”, Joss Whedon and co. created an exquisite ballad for Tara (Amber Benson) to sing to her lover and everyone’s favorite witch, Willow (Alyson Hannigan). It’s beautifully sung, wonderfully orchestrated, and elevates the characters in a way that makes the endgame much more painful. You can still watch all episodes of Buffy, including this one, on Netflix, and here is some info on the stage adaptation of the episode. 

  1. Geeks in Love by Lemon Demon:
Neil Cicierega (best known for his work with his sister Emmy on the Potter Puppet Pals) releases music under the name “Lemon Demon.” This song, shown to me by a good friend of mine, is a very cute song about how great it is to be “geeks in love” and how the haters are just jealous. It holds the same absurdist aesthetic that his other work holds, but this one just oozes sweetness.  Check out his website HERE

  1. Nerdy Girls Need Love Too by Amy Lee Radigan:
When I found myself in times of trouble, Amy Lee Radigan came to me, singing words of wisdom “If I was a time lord, both my hearts would be for you!” Though this song is written from the perspective of someone *looking* for their nerdy lover as opposed to one who is about to commit to be with theirs for the end of time, this song still perfectly captures the insecurity and sincerity felt by all nerdy ladies looking for their equivalents. You can find her HERE on Facebook.

  1. Fret by Marian Call:
Marian Call’s voice is a gift to geekdom and we should all be very grateful. When she’s not writing songs about Firefly, she’s singing gorgeous little tunes like this one about life and love. Much like “Nerdy Girls Need Love Too”, this is from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know if the one they love loves them back. Even so, this song perfectly captures that joy and fear in taking the next step. Look HERE for more Marian Call or check out her CD's at Best Buy.

  1. Freeze Ray from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog:
In this song, Billy/Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) professes his love for Penny (Felicia Day), but is too shy to tell her. Oh, and he’s a supervillain in training. In this twist on superhero tropes, Joss Whedon humanizes our supervillain and gives him the same problems we deal with on a daily basis: trying to figure out how to talk to that cute person we like. In the end, we all wish we had a freeze ray. Check out the movie HERE or at Target and Best Buy.

  1. Earth Angel by The Penguins (performed by Marvin Berry and the Starlighters):
One of the most memorable moments in American cinema was when George McFly kisses Lorraine Baines at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, thus ensuring that Marty and his siblings will continue to exist in 1985. Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies and this cover of Earth Angel is iconic. My favorite part is when the music swells towards the end when the kiss occurs in the film. It truly is a magical piece of music. HERE is where you can look to find more info on the movies. The soundtrack is available at Best Buy.

  1. Never Knew Love by They Might Be Giants:
Off of Join Us, TMBG continues with their alternative and unique songwriting style that brought them national renown back in the 80’s and 90’s. I am not as familiar with the TMBG discography as I should be, but this song is a joy to listen to and fun to dance to (as countless nights alone in my dorm can attest to). Check out more from them HERE and you can purchase their music from Target and Best Buy.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and like all lists is entirely subjective, but I hope it provided, if not some possible wedding song picks, then at least some new artists to check out.
What geek songs do you enjoy? Post them in the comments!

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