Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Shoes - Captain America; Stars and Stripes

Next Monday (5/25) is Memorial Day in the US. Now to many people use this as a holiday weekend or an extra day off without thinking about what it really means. Memorial day is about remembering those who were lost to us during the wars (deceased, POW, or MIA) and honoring those who came back to us. My favorite (fictional) veteran is Captain America. He fought with a strong and courageous heart and wanted to stop his enemies to stop all of the unnecessary death and destruction.

Please consider educating yourself and others on our nations veterans this year. Visit a veteran's home or hospital, a memorial site, or attend a service at your local veteran's cemetery. Make a donation to a VFW or American Legion and wear a Buddy Poppy. Remember them.

Captain America Wedge Heels
Captain America High Heels

Gold Platform Captain America
Captain America sparkly glitter heels

Captain America high heels
Captain America Rhinestone Heels

Captain America COMIC BOOK HEELS
Captain America Comic Heels

2 Pair Marvel Comic Book Shoes

Marvel Comic Book-Women's Flats
Captain America glitter sparkly

Captain America Toms
Captain America themed toms

Captain America Comic Book Flat

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