Saturday, June 20, 2015

DIY Men's Pocket Watch

My Hubby and his Best Man showing off my handy work.
I absolutely LOVE pocket watches. I wanted pocket watch accessories for my wedding, which meant I needed 4. That can be expensive (not all of the time, but a lot of it) if you go for the "Men's" watches with the chain/clip. I wandered into a Claire's one day during a sale and they happened to have 4 silver pocket watch "fashion necklaces" in stock and on sale for $10. I happened to have a 50% off an entire purchase coupon with me (thanks for getting your ears pierced again, Mom!), so that brought it to $5 each. That was good enough for me (I was considering a $20 watch from Amazon that was almost identical). Here are some step-by-step


Pocket Watch Necklace
Toggle Clasps with "T bars"

     -Pocket Watch fashion necklace (Amazon has the best variety, ModCloth has some options also (1, 2))
     - Toggle clasps or jewelry supplies "T Bars"
     -Needle nose pliers or similar jewelry making tool
     -Wire cutters or cutting section on pliers

Step 1:

Use a needle nose pliers to take out the slightly larger jump ring. You will be using this later so don't lose it! Leave the lobster clasp and hook attached to the chain.

Jump Ring
Lobster Clasp

Step 2:

Cut chain to desired length with wire cutters or cutting section on pliers. Remember that it is better to cut too long than to cut too short!

Attach the small loop at the end of the necklace to the t-bar. This is where your patience comes in. It helps to take a deep breath and steady your hands.

Chain Attached to T-Bar
Step 3:

Use the other jump ring, loop the chain through the watches top ring and attach it to one of the links in the chain. You could also purchase a larger jump ring and attach the end of the chain to the watch without looping it through. you want the looped end of the chain to be just long enough to allow movement, but not too long that it could tangle. This step requires even more patience than attaching the t-bar.

Loop Chain through Watch
Connect With Ring

That is it! You have now completed your pocket watch chain that attaches to a vest or waistcoat. The proper way to wear this is by threading the t-bar through a buttonhole and resting the watch in the nearest waist-height pocket (usually a vest pocket).

Finished Product
T-Bar Through Buttonhole, Watch in Pocket

What did you think of this tutorial? Is it something that you would do? Let us know in the comments what you would like to see done or how you would wear your pocket watch!

Don't forget to use coupons and Ebates for your purchases at Michael's and other online retailers to stretch your dollar! Every little bit counts, and those dollars can start adding up.

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