Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Weekend!

Diwali Fireworks
Happy Weekend, everyone! This weekend is sure to be fun for us in the U.S. with it Independence Day this Saturday, and we sure do like to like to drink heavily and blow stuff up over here! I hope everyone stays safe and has a blast.

This weekend (well, July 3rd to be specific) is also my first wedding anniversary! We got married on our dating anniversary, so we spent a Thursday last year signing a piece of paper in a chapel, then took a trip to the aquarium after we stopped for pretzels. I baked 6 boxes of cake mix into cupcakes on July 4th, and then partied it up with our relatives July 5th.

Bridal Bargain Hunter Facebook Page

Hey, if you aren't a fan of our Facebook Page, you should check it out! If we can get to 50 likes I will be hosting a giveaway! I am not sure what it will be yet, but the sooner we get there the sooner you'll know! Share with your friends and for every referral you will receive an extra entry!
There are events and coupons/deals featured on the page that aren't added here, and you don't want to miss anything.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Let us know about your plans (wedding related or not) below.

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