Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is OPEN!

Regular price: $20 - On sale for $12

This weekend we have MANY great items and plans to make it very easy for you all to do your shopping from the comfort of your home instead of having to fight the crowds for deals. We will have giveaways, weekend long sales, flash one dollar auctions, and whole weekend long auctions. We have a huge variety of vendors to give you a one stop shop and make sure there is something for everyone. Here's how it works.

One Dollar Auction -  Open all weekend. Leave a paypal/email with first bid on each item or pm it to me. Must be whole dollar increments. I will be closing the items one by one Monday night beginning at midnight est. I close one by one if there's a new bid I tag it and come back to it after the other items are closed. Can take up to 2 hours so please be patient. Vendors will invoice Tuesday. Please make payment within 48 hours.

Custom cozy bow ear warmers (adult or child).
Custom Adult ear warmers.

Custom Child ear warmers.
Custom miniature hats for ornaments,
Elf on a Shelf, pregnancy announcements,etc.

Custom double knit coffee coozy designed to fit
travel mugs and small mugs with handles.

Weekend Deals: Open all weekend. Most vendors have multiple available items so be sure to check how many they have since there can be as many winners as there are available products! To claim a deal simply comment with your paypal/email or type 'want' and pm me the email. All are first come first served! Closes Tuesday morning so please pay invoices within 48 hours.

Matching adult ear warmers and coffee coozy
Regular price: $15 - on sale for $8
Matching "Mommy & Me" ear warmers
Regular price: $16 - on sale for $10

Black Friday Flash Sale: Open Black Friday ONLY 6 am - 6 pm est and one on Monday as well same times. I will be closing these items one by one at 6 pm. Bid til you see closed.
Leave your paypal with your first bid on each item or pm it to me. If you don't have a paypal but would still like to bid and be involved then leave/pm a valid email where you can pay with a card rather than making a paypal. Invoices are to be paid within 48 hours. If you can't pay, please don't play.

"Santa Baby" infant/newborn sized booties.
Bidding starts at only $1!

GIVEAWAYS!!! 14 items total. Giveaways will be opened all weekend long. Winners will be drawn Tuesday.

Pair of matching "Lemon Blueberry" coffee cozies

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