Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Two Broke Brooms - An Introduction

A picture of our Engagement Rings, taken the day of our engagement

Hello, our names are Thryn and Gabe and we just got engaged this last November.  We’ve joined this website to share with you all our adventures in planning a wedding when you’re queer, non-binary, and rather short on cash.

First off, we want to offer a brief explanation as to what “non-binary” means. Gabe and I are both neither a man nor a woman; you can think of us as being “genderless.” We don’t like being referred to with “gendered” terms such as ma’am, sir or lady.  When people are talking about us in the third person and not using our names, we like folks to use they instead of he or she.  This is why, in our wedding, instead of using “Bride” or “Groom” to refer to ourselves we instead are playfully using the label “Broom.”

Our families know we are non-binary and queer which makes that part of the wedding a bit less stressful, but different family members are at different stages of accepting this about us. We’ll probably end up talking more about this and how it will probably play into our wedding in later posts.

Our wedding will be pretty non-traditional by default, not only because of our gender and orientation but because of our budget as well. Right now, the amount stands at $5,000 dollars as a maximum, though Gabe is hoping to get away with less than that. I’m a full-time student, and Gabe currently only works part time. Our families are going to help us some but they’re pretty limited financially as well.

Our wedding date is tentatively in October of 2018, so we have plenty of time to work through all the obstacles we’ll face. We’ll do it together, with love, compromise and patience (which honestly is critical no matter how traditional and financially well endowed you are).  
We hope you all will enjoy your glimpse into our adventure, it should be an exciting one no matter what!

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