Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two Broke Brooms - The First Step

Alright, so you’re engaged, you’re excited and you want to start planning right away, but how do you do that? What’s the first step?

We looked through dozens of articles to figure that out. Most of them said to begin with your budget. Good plan, but when you can’t afford to shell out $3,000 on a dress like the professionals suggest, how do you decide to divide up your meager budget? Gabe and I have found, in order to even begin to work out the details of your budget, you need to decide as a couple what your priorities are. 
This takes a lot of talking between the two of you. You need to figure out what are the most important things to you, what will really make your day special; not what your parents or friends or people-of-honor want, but what YOU really want. If that means having it at the Boston Shoe Factory, even though your whole family hates Boston, then have it the Boston Shoe Factory. But what if the Boston Shoe factory is too expensive to rent? There are always ways around things.

The Como Park Zoo and Conservatory’s Sunken Garden, Taken from their official website

Example: We decided that the most important thing for us was to have it at Como Zoo and Conservatory, where Thryn spent years volunteering and working. One of the most beautiful rooms in the Conservatory (and the most popular to host weddings) is the Sunken Garden. It is absolutely beautiful. They have a different and elaborate flower show every season, with a long reflection pool, laden with flowers, running down the center. Needless to say, the cost of renting it for the whole wedding would be about the same as the cost of both of our wedding dresses put together, and probably the cake as well. But it is where we want to have it! So! Our Compromise: We rent the room for an hour, long enough for the wedding ceremony and to take the wedding pictures, and then we go somewhere else (undecided) for the reception. We still get to actually do the marrying part and say our vows in the place of our dreams, without breaking our budget.

But maybe the most important thing to you is not where you have it, but something else. The cake, the dresses, the flowers? You and your partner get to decide that. After you figure out your priorities, the next step is figuring out what you don’t mind cutting costs on. We reviewed lists online of average wedding costs and budgets, and some of the  decisions were easy. Embossed stationery for the invites? No, thank you. Free facebook for us. Seat covers and table placements? Ehh… Special wedding shoes? Special wedding underwear? What? But some of the decisions were harder. Do we really want to compromise on the flowers? The fashion? The food?

Every wedding is as unique as the people who are getting married. Sit your special someone down, pull up some lists online, and decide for yourselves.

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