Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rainbow Connection

rainbow connection print - Greco Design Company
And we're back!
It's been a while since we've had a shoe post, so hopefully this one will cheer you right up. Let's jump right into it.

Marriage Equality Converse 

Custom wedding Rainbow shoes

Disney Silhouette Custom Toms

Custom Low Top Rainbow Converse

Tiger-Frilly Flat
For Crayon Out Loud

Creature Presentation Flat
Right Side of the Bead

Rainbow Polka Dot Rain Boots

Shoe Clips RAINBOW

Rainbow Shoe Clips

Rainbow Crystal Starfish

I think these items are all fantastic. And wouldn't that Rainbow Connection print make a neat guestbook? Just set out a rainbow of fine-tip Sharpies and you will have a beautiful piece to hang in your home.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Surprise! Kate Spade Sale

It's that time again! Kate Spade is having their surprise sale, and they have some FABULOUS finds. Jewelry starts at $19, and wallets/handbags/accessories as low as $22. Clothing is also on sale and starts at $30.

Here are some of the jewelry collections that would make fantastic pieces for bridal accessories, wedding party gifts, or something just for fun! Kate Spade shoppers can also use Ebates to receive cash back, earning 3.5% cash back on their entire purchase, plus a bonus gift card or cash back reward for new users.

apple of my eye

outside the box strawberry

skinny mini bow - gold

skinny mini bow - silver

skinny mini bow - rose gold

skinny mini bow

See anything you love? Act fast! This sale ends 8/25 at 11:59pm PT. 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dresses on Topic

When it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, Hot Topic is probably not the first place that comes to mind. Contrary to popular belief they don't just sell band tees, Tripp pants, and jewelry for body piercings. They have expanded to become one of the larger storefronts for Fandom clothing with brands like Her Universe and accessories, as well as carrying brands like Hell Bunny for retro inspired clothing.

Here are a few of the dresses that they have to offer online, and between now and 9/7/16 if you use coupon code BEACHDAY you can get $10 off your $50 purchase. Now is also the time to earn HT Cash on your purchases and they are offering $1 shipping for any purchases over $50 for a very short time!


Regular Sizes

Plus Size


Plus Size


Regular Sizes





Regular Sizes

Plus Sizes


Regular Sizes





Can I just say that I am in LOVE with the lace tank dress? This dress would be perfect for a low key ceremony or for pre-wedding events. And it's something that you could definitely wear again! I also love the Leia dress. I own it and the fabric is actually a textured material that is shimmery, so if you wanted to wear it for a geeky wedding it is the perfect fit, or throw a ribbon/floral belt over it and it's the perfect thing for a courthouse wedding!

What are your favorites? Are there any stores you want to see featured later? Let us know! Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Two Broke Brooms - The Ceremony

There are so many important elements to a wedding. The location, the food, the dress, the rings, the flowers, the guest book; the list goes on and on. However, at the center of all these facets lies one crucial thing: actually getting married. In other words, this month’s topic is the actual marriage ceremony itself.  There are hundreds of traditions and possibilities to sort through, but we found this aspect of planning a nice break from the more budget intensive decisions.

The unity candle from a wedding Thryn and Gabe attended last summer. This is a tradition Gabe and Thryn toyed with but ultimately decided against.

We broke the planning of the ceremony up into two sections; walking down the aisle and the vows. Walking down the aisle was probably the more fun aspect of planning, so we’ll start there.
As a disclaimer neither of us have been to many traditional weddings, so many of the more classical traditions we learned through media or in slightly altered forms. We knew right off the bat that while wanted our family to be involved in our walking down the aisle, we did not want our fathers to “give us away.” It was in discussing whether we wanted “Broom's people” (groomsmen/bridesmaids) that we came with an idea as to how to incorporate our families without utilizing a patriarchal tradition. Instead of having brooms people precede us down the aisle, we plan to have our family fill that role. We’ll begin with our siblings, and then progress to our parents, and finally we’ll walk down the aisle hand in hand.

After we’d settle on logistics, we discussed what we’d be walking down the aisle to. Thryn pretty much refused to walk down the aisle to anything by Wagner, so the traditional “here comes the bride” was out. Instead, we settle on the Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibit by Modest Mussorgsky. As a promenade, it is easy to keep in step with and it is just long enough that we will be able to use the whole piece without likely needing to repeat it.  Our dear friends will still be a part of our “wedding party” though. Since there will be so few people at the wedding itself, we’ve decided to describe all those present at it as our wedding party. They’ll all be invited to the rehearsal dinner and, of course, have a place of honor at our reception. 

One tradition we’re considering is stepping on a glass at the end of the vows, which is traditionally down by the bride(s) in a Jewish wedding. Pictured is Thryn’s mom and stepmom breaking a glass at their wedding

One of our friends will have an especially honored roll, though, as our officiant!  The vows part of our ceremony is still something we’re working out the details of. Thryn is currently working on converting to Judaism and isn’t entirely sure yet how much of their new faith they want to include. What we do know is, the choice of our officiant started off as a joke and then grew into an idea we really loved. Natalie, our friend and future officiant, was Thryn’s very first girlfriend. Of course being young and new to romance, Thryn had the idea that some someday Natalie would marry them, and now she will be; just in a very different sense. There is something that feels deeply symbolic about an old friend and lover being the person who officiates and blesses your marriage in that way. It’s renewing while still connecting deeply to your own romantic past. 

We’ll be writing our own vows, that admittedly we’ve been working on since we first said “I love you.” This ceremony will be far from traditional, and that’s completely all right with us.